Review of “Red” by Calvin Demmer

Inside, the red raged. Its true intentions had united with near-surface primal instincts. It wanted to hunt, kill, and devour…

A short story.

I loved this quick and suspenseful story. It was great to see a unique deviation from typical zombie storytelling in that this story is from the monster’s perspective – not something you often see with these “mindless” walking corpses. Everything in the beginning was vague, but you very quickly get what’s going on simply because of how the author describes their movements. We’ve all seen zombie movies – we know how they move. This description alone lets you understand whose head you’re inside, and I loved the rare opportunity to have this much sympathy for a zombie. The more you learn about the “red,” the more you want our meat-eating friend to fight, but cruel fate seems to have a hand here too.

See it on Amazon!

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