Official Bio:

Sunshine Somerville is a Science Fantasy author who loves blending genres. She has a degree in English Literature and self-published her first book at the ripe old age of nine.  She currently lives on the beachy side of Michigan with her husband, two fur babies, and two human daughters.
The Kota Series is a Science Fantasy epic based on youthful obsessions with X-Men, Star Wars, The Chronicles of Narnia, Dark Angel, and A Wrinkle in Time.
The Alt-World Chronicles is an Urban Fantasy series inspired by weird recurring dreams, a brainstorming session in the shower, and one ridiculously hot summer lived in Kansas City.
A Fairly Fairy Tale is Sunshine’s first Middle Grade Fantasy book. She got the idea from her family’s crest, which portrays a dragon shooting flames from both ends, and from a niece whose second favorite word is farts.

Unofficial Bio:

I’m left-handed. I have a Kota Mark tattoo on my shoulder. I can’t say the word ‘suggested’ to save my life.  My favorite liquor is vodka.  Sharks make me happy.  If I had a superpower, I’d want to fly. I’ve never found blond men attractive. I hate water chestnuts. I love peanut butter. I’ve never liked coffee (update: unless Cuban). I grew up on a hunting preserve. My favorite word is ‘euphoric.’ My least favorite word is ‘stool.’ I look like a cross between my mom and my dad’s sister. I’m good at cartwheels. I owe my marriage to a burger.

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