Book Reviews:  

  • I review for FREE if you send me a free copy of your book.  This does mean, however, that I allow myself to be picky(ish).   I also reserve the right to say “No” if I just don’t have time, if I’m not interested, etc.
  • If you think I’ll say “Yes,” email me at with the title of your book and the author name (so I can find it on Amazon and do a little research before I decide if I’m interested).  I’ll email you back to let you know “Yes” or “No” as soon as I can.  If I need a free copy of your book, you can send it then.
  • I’ll post my review on Goodreads and
  • I’ll keep my review on this site permanently  so you have more exposure.  It’s nice to have something to link to for whatever purposes you desire – Facebook, Twitter, your own site, etc.


  • Please, be patient and don’t send me requests asking when your book is going to be next – I WILL get to it eventually.  When I initially email you back, I’ll try to give you an estimate of when I plan to read it.
  • Your book can be from any genre.
  • ARCs are welcome, if you send a free copy.
  • I won’t post a review on my blog if it’s not at least 3 stars.  (I am generally pretty gracious, so I don’t have this problem often.)  I like to blog about books I think people SHOULD read.  But I might still post a review on Amazon and Goodreads if I feel I have something to say.  If I simply cannot finish your book, I will not post a review anywhere but will let you know and try to give some feedback.

Sound good?  I hope to hear from you soon.

#AuThorsday Interviews:

  • These interviews are completely FREE.
  • Email me at to request an interview.  I’ll send you a file with 10 questions from which you will pick any/all you’d like to answer.  This file also has an area where you can give me contact links (your website, Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter) to post with your interview.  I will use your Amazon picture unless you send me something different you want.
  • When you send me back the file with your answered questions, I’ll read your answers and ask you more personalized questions, then email it back to you.
  • Answer these questions, email it back to me, and you’re all set!

I look forward to learning about your books and writing!