Monsters are coming, allies are turning, but she has evolved.

Travelling for work is brutal, especially when your job is hunting demons. Fortunately, Esme’s magic is now limitless. Together with Owen’s team, Esme battles malevolenci across the country, closing rifts along the way. But why aren’t the demons attacking at full strength? Esme knows she must learn more about the enemy, but her investigations only lead to further mysteries. 

Meanwhile, Owen has his own problems. While he rules from the road, the paranormals within the Order grow restless. The jinn are dabbling in civilian politics. The fairies demand an impossible return to their home world. Rebel vampires claim the Capiti healers are slaves. Age-old tensions rise, and civil war is looming. 

One thing might unite the Order – telling them how close they truly are to losing the war and what that will mean for the alt-worlds. But should Owen break eighty generations of secrecy? If the paranormals rally, Esme’s power will give them a shot at survival. And, if they find the malevolenci’s weakness, they could defeat the demons once and for all. How much hope dare they have? 

With old friends, the queen mother, and unexpected allies joining the fight, Esme and Owen search for answers in ancient texts, dark caves, and blood memories… 

But some things are meant to stay buried. Uncovering the truth about malevolenci might win the war, but will it tear apart everything the Order believes?


★★★★★ “I thought the second book in a trilogy was supposed to be boring backstory setting up the final showdown. Someone should really tell Somerville that.  

★★★★★ “this a sequel you just cannot miss”

★★★★★ “Awesome! Secrets, Secrets and more Secrets. When will everything be solved!”

★★★★★ “This series just keeps getting better! I loved the back story that happens and that ending?! Gah, I didn’t see that coming! I loved this audio book! Can’t wait to see what happens next! The narrator also did another a great job!” — Audible Review

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