Some love heals. Some love consumes. Which love wins?

Learning the truth about the malevolenci war changes everything.  The fairies, jinn, and vampires have already rebelled, and now zealots threaten to go a step further by siding with the enemy. Traitors are everywhere. Covert plots disrupt centuries of peace. Those still loyal to the Order must end the war quickly, or else there won’t be an Order left to save.

For Esme, their greatest ally’s reappearance is soul-shaking. She knows they must work together, but what does this mean for Esme and Owen’s relationship? And what is Esme’s place now that she’s not this world’s only protector? Do they even need her anymore…or want her?

By invading the heart of the malevolenci world, Esme and Owen have a chance to end this war once and for all. Their elite cavali team is ready to face the dangers of the demons’ hellscape, but the greatest threat is one they never see coming.


★★★★★ “What a story. Fairies, Jinn and vampires have rebelled. This story just moves along at a surprising speed. At each chapter, things happen that you don’t anticipate which makes for awesome reading. ”  — Goodreads Review

★★★★★ “I have read every story in this series and I’ll tell you what, i’d read them again. Everything is represented here. Magic, Royalty, every creature that ever made you scream in your sleep. But these are not the scary types. I highly recommend this book.— Amazon Review

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