For those who don’t know, The Kota Series came into existence because we were obsessive, crazy little children.  My brother, our 2 best friends (whom my mom babysat), and I would play “Kota” for hours and hours every day.

‘Play’ might be putting it a little simply.  We would literally stop playing if we didn’t like the direction the story was going. We’d reset and do things over, sometimes changing each other’s lines to make it the story we wanted.  We’d take breaks for macaroni and cheese lunches, but then we’d get right back at it.

On rainy days (every outdoorsy kid’s worst nightmare), we’d sit inside and draw characters.  The drawing pile grew to fill a folder. This became our catalog of characters to choose from each day as we got back to playing Kota.  Years later, this is the treasure trove I drew from to create The Kota Series.

* Disclaimer: These drawings are mostly from when I was 10, and my brother and the others were younger.  Our drawing has improved with age. 😉