Review of “The Ghost of Sephera” by J.D. Tew

23630136Sequels are tough, but the author does a very nice, sneaky job of reminding you what’s going on and who is who in this Part 2, following “The Acolytes of Crane. “  It was very easy to slip back into the story as present-time Theodore is still in prison, telling the story of the adventures that led him to be here.   I liked the way the same teenage Earthlings from Book 1 are now stronger and more knowledgeable about these alien worlds.   I liked how the team was more solid, brought together from their previous experiences.   The framing, with Theodore telling the story from prison, still works very nicely and adds a bit of mystery because we still don’t know how he got there, but in this sequel we do suspect that he’s soon to be rescued or escape as the plot thickens.

I really liked the way the story moved, expanded, and built on the prior book.   The new planets and aliens we meet in this book are very unique, each with their own look and cultural background.  The action in the book is cool and fast-paced, never feeling like action just for the sake of action but always furthering the plot.  I’m always going to be a reader focused on characters, and I really liked the way Theodore, Mariah, Liam, and Dan interacted as a team.  The changes involved with Lincoln’s character were my favorite aspect of the story.  The climactic scenes inside Eppa were very descriptive and game-changing, and the revelation about Zane made me nod excitedly and go “Ohhh” as it all came together.

Overall, I’d certainly recommend this book to anyone who’s read book 1 and wants to continue.   It’s worth it for the story, and I’m guessing the next part will pick up right where this left off.

4 StarsSee it on Amazon!

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