Review of “Darkest Hours” by Mike Thorn

It might be odd to call a collection of horror/noir short stories "beautiful," but that is the impression I'm left with.  These are incredibly well-crafted, well-written stories from an author I quickly grew to respect.  Thorn's mastery of prose is an absolute delight to read.  His creativity is refreshing.  His subtle ability to make the... Continue Reading →

Review of “The Sea Was a Fair Master” by Calvin Demmer

This author never disappoints in coming up with unique, impressively well-written shorts.  This collection of 23 stories has a little bit of everything - from crime to love to androids to the worst English class imaginable.  There's a great balance of creepy, troubling, sometimes funny (in an "oh, that's terrible" grinning kind of way), and... Continue Reading →

Review of “Hardened Hearts”

I finished this collection the day after Valentine's Day, which was kind of perfect.  These are not your typical love stories, although "love" is the general theme connecting them.  I was very impressed with each writer, and I didn't feel like there was a weak story in the bunch.  The writing is solid.  The range... Continue Reading →

Review of “Tongues” by Sam Joyce

At the start of this book I couldn’t tell exactly where it was going, and I wasn’t sure I was going to like it (based purely on another book’s similar premise where I ended up hating that story entirely). However, THIS book drew me in pretty quickly.  The twists and complexity of this story were thoughtfully... Continue Reading →

Review of “Hungry Ghosts” & “Labor Day Hunt” by Calvin Demmer

  First of all, I found the cover intriguing. Secondly, short stories can be tricky.  You want enough detail to set the scene but not so much detail that you can’t get to the meat of the story.  It’s hard, in so few pages, to be drawn into whatever mood, tone, feel of the story... Continue Reading →

#AuThorsday with Barbara Chioffi

Today I’d like to welcome Barbara Chioffi, romance/horror author of Angel Mine, Lycan Heart, and Trickery. Can you give us your quickest description of your books? I’m all about romance, except for Trickery.  The horror trilogy indulged my childhood love of horror comics. Is your horror writing targeted towards a younger audience, then?  Who would you say... Continue Reading →

Review of “Tribes of Decay” by Michael Garza

(I reviewed this on its release date but just now remembered I didn't want anyone to miss this, so I'm posting here too.  So GOOD!  And yet again from Garza, a creepy good cover with eyes that will haunt me a little bit.) This story is so much more than just another zombie book. I’ve read a... Continue Reading →

#AuThorsday with Matthew Harrill

Today I’d like to welcome Matthew Harrill, international award-winning horror author of The ARC Chronicles.   Can you give us your quickest description of your books? Impending Apocalypse. Ooh, that’s a favorite genre of mine.  Can you tell me a little more about the world your book is set in? It’s set in the world... Continue Reading →

#AuThorsday with Suzi Albracht

Today I’d like to welcome Suzi Albracht, horror author of The Devil’s Due Collection. Can you give us your quickest description of your book? At the moment, I have three books of horror in The Devil’s Due Collection. Death Most Wicked is the prequel to The Devil’s Lieutenant, and Scorn Kills is character-related to the main story.... Continue Reading →

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