#TopTenTuesday – Summer

I haven't done a Top Ten Tuesday in a long time.  But, seeing as this is the last Tuesday of August and I've had a pretty wonderful summer,  I thought it time to share my favorite things of Summer 2016.  It started out where I was a little stressed, a little restless, and a lot... Continue Reading →

#TopTenTuesday – Memes

Top 10 Favorite Memes: 1:    Okay, yeah,  I made this.  But it's useful. 🙂 2.  For the Emo artistic soul in all of us. 3.  I giggle at this every time. 4.  It's the expression on the face. 5.  Because... Yes. 6.  It's coming... 7.  Awesome. 8.  I laugh at this way too hard... Continue Reading →

#TopTenTuesday – Author Resources

(This week is really only interesting to fellow writers & authors, but I thought it might be nice to share.  It can take a long time to figure out what ads/promos/how-to's/sites are worth it vs. which ones make you want to eat your own hair.  Here's a list of the cheap or free ones that... Continue Reading →

#TopTenTuesday – Fairy Tales

Top 10 Favorite Fairy Tales: 1:   Sapsorrow.  I've never liked the usual versions of Cinderella.  Even as a kid, I remember thinking, "Who wants a prince who can't recognize you without the right shoes?"  But THIS version is from an old German folk tale, a version of Allerleirauh (yeah, I had to look that up), and... Continue Reading →

#TopTenTuesday – Actors

Top 10 Favorite Actors: 1:   Johnny Depp.  Honestly, not so much with his work lately where Tim Burton keeps making him over-the-top for the sake of being over-the-top.  But as far as actors who are versatile and creative and somehow GOOD no matter what they're doing, he's my favorite. There's no reason Jack Sparrow... Continue Reading →


Top 10 Favorite TV Shows: 1:   Lost.  I know many people were super-fans and then hated the ending, but I thought the whole show was great.  It's hard for me to stick with a show if it's predictable, and Lost certainly never was that.  The best explanation I've heard to try to pacify fans... Continue Reading →


Top 10 Favorite TV/Movie Cars: 1:   The Batmobile in Batman Begins.  This counts as a car, right?  I mean, who hasn't wanted one of these when stuck in really bad traffic?   2:   James Bond’s Aston Martin(s).  I can't imagine a better car to be paired with the character of James Bond.  These... Continue Reading →


Top 10 Favorite Monsters: 1:   Vampires.  I refer here to more the Dracula version, not Twilight.  I've always been interested in immortality as a curse.  However... I read Rice's Vampire Chronicles back-to-back-to-back and never left the house, at one point got hungry. and thought to myself, "I'm hungry.  I need blood."  Too far. 2:  ... Continue Reading →


(Oops, okay, so I'm a day late) Top 10 Favorite Fictional Crushes: 1:   Dean Winchester.  I love this character.  Yeah, he's pretty, whatever.  But the vulnerable HUMOR is what gets me every time.  And I too love pie. 2:   The 10th Doctor.  A lot of people like Matt Smith better, but Tennant's Doctor... Continue Reading →

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