ALTERNI Paperback Giveaway(s)

I'm so excited to release this book next month in time for Christmas!  BUT I'm also moving in real life, which means a lot of my book promotion needs to get set up now.  So, why not make a giveaway that runs until the book release?  That way, you all can help  me spread the... Continue Reading →

Review of “The Elemental” & “The Empath” by Lisa Veldkamp

I’ve read a couple of fantasy/magic-based stories using the elements as the source for magic, and I liked the everyday approach to them in this story. Catherine and her gifted circle of friends lead pretty ordinary lives, but they use their gifts to help others in subtle ways every day. I WOULD say that there’s... Continue Reading →

Review of “Anatomy of a Darkened Heart” by Christie Stratos

This felt like a book I would've had to read in an English Literature class in college - and I mean that in a good way.  Everything about the writing and the story felt legitimately true to the period, like this was an old, classic book I'd somehow missed all these years. The writing is... Continue Reading →

Flight from Reality

I swear I will soon post something more serious, probably something where I gush about the people who've managed to put up with me this winter.  This is not that time.  We are not out of the woods yet. When I was 6, my mom thought I needed therapy because I constantly pretended I was... Continue Reading →

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