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ALTERNI Paperback Giveaway(s)

I’m so excited to release this book next month in time for Christmas!  BUT I’m also moving in real life, which means a lot of my book promotion needs to get set up now.  So, why not make a giveaway … Continue reading

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Review of “The Elemental” & “The Empath” by Lisa Veldkamp

I’ve read a couple of fantasy/magic-based stories using the elements as the source for magic, and I liked the everyday approach to them in this story. Catherine and her gifted circle of friends lead pretty ordinary lives, but they use … Continue reading

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Review of “Anatomy of a Darkened Heart” by Christie Stratos

This felt like a book I would’ve had to read in an English Literature class in college – and I mean that in a good way.  Everything about the writing and the story felt legitimately true to the period, like … Continue reading

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Flight from Reality

I swear I will soon post something more serious, probably something where I gush about the people who’ve managed to put up with me this winter.  This is not that time.  We are not out of the woods yet. When … Continue reading

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