I know it’s late in the day, but my internet was being crap and I’m tired.  So here…

Top 10 Favorite Colors:

1:   Blood Red.  I know this is probably bad.  But I love this kind of deep, dark, shiny red.
2:   Cyan.  Favoring blues as I usually do, this is my particular favorite.  If I didn’t control myself, I’d paint half my furniture this color.  Especially love accented by gold. 
3:   Kelly Green.  
If you’re a girl into fashion, you probably remember this color being big a little while ago.  It’s bright and nature-y, to me.
4:   Orange Sherbet.  Pretty sure half the reason I loved Push Ups as a kid was cuz I liked the color.
5:   Black.  As a teen of the 90s, I never really went through a goth period.  But there’s something comfortable about wearing black.  And it goes with everything, right?
6:   Fall Leaf Yellow.  You know that burnt yellow with a touch of orange some leaves get?  That.  I’ve never been a fan of straight yellow (I blame my name and everyone thinking they’re funny with “sun” birthday cards and such), but burn it a little and I love it.
7:  Detroit Tigers Blue.  I loved this color even before I was willing to give baseball a chance.
8:  My Eye Color.   Like my hair color, I’ve never known what color exactly my eyes are.  Part blue, part green, with gold rims around my pupils and a dot of brown in one.
9:   Raspberry.  Looking at anything this color makes me almost taste it, you know?  I like the richness of it.  Not quite purple, not quite red, more punky than pink.  
10: Bright Neon Green.  Gotta say, this color never struck me until I started dating this certain guy who’s obsessed with anything green.  Now I see it everywhere, and it’s growing on me…or at least it seems to be growing all over my apartment.


Anybody have their own list?   Comment below!


Top 10 Favorite Foods:

1:   Macaroni and Cheese.  This is the one food from childhood that I ate constantly but I still love – not so for Ranch Doritos or bologna.  I don’t even have a particular favorite recipe; I will eat this dish prepared pretty much any way.
2:   Cheesy Potatoes with Corn Flakes.  Go-to comfort food.  (Hint, give me anything involving cheese, and I’m going to be happy.)  This is one of my mom’s recipes that I have down so it actually tastes like hers, so at the very least I don’t disappoint myself when I make it.
3:   Salsa Turkey Burgers on English Muffins.   It’s a good thing I love these too, cuz a certain someone I live with could eat them like every other day.  But the way the meat juices soak into the bread is terrific.
4:   Pizza.  I’m suspicious of anyone who does not like pizza.  I know a lot of quite frankly pretentious foodies, but come on.  I tend to go for meats myself, but I’ll eat anything on pizza.  Except anchovies.
5:   Chicken Malai Noorjahani.  I do love Indian food.  When I moved back to Grand Rapids recently, I might have shed a tear for a few restaurants we left behind.  One served this dish, and it’s my absolute favorite.
6:   Crab Rangoons.  Sure, I end up with oil splatter burns.  Sure, they take forever.  And I probably shouldn’t eat them alone as an entire meal.  But…
7:   Tuna Bisque.  Tuna in oil, milk, heavy cream, cayenne, salt and pepper, green onions.  I usually eat my weight in bread with this stuff.
8:   Potato Wedges.  Or, as my mother once called them at a deli while ordering, potato “wedgies.”  I can probably make these guys with my eyes closed at this point, though anyone living with me should never let me use a knife in such a state.  The trick here is smoked paprika and about 5 gallons of butter.
9:   Key Lime Pie Cupcakes.  This recipe was only discovered cuz I was trying to cheer someone up and he happens to love Key Lime Pie.  Turns out, thank goodness the recipe makes 15 of these little darlings.  I’m not a huge dessert person, but these are amazing.  And I’m now not allowed to come to family events unless I bring them, or so I was told.
10:   Hoisin Shrimp on Rice.  This is a fairly new recipe to my repertoire, but it’s so simple and flavorful that I’m pretty sure I’m going to be making it a lot.

Anybody have their own list?   Comment below!


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