Hot New Release – “The Liminal Hymns” by Anaïs Chartschenko

**I've only read a little from Anaïs Chartschenko (and, yes, I have to copy/paste her name every time), but so far I'm very impressed by her work.  So, when given the opportunity to help promote her newest creation, I jumped on the chance.  I'm looking forward to this collection and to giving her a listen as... Continue Reading →

FIRST LOOK! Excerpt from “The Woman of the Void”

Here's an excerpt from my soon-to-be-released (8/8) Kota Short, "The Woman of the Void." Stay tuned for future updates... Freezing water. So freezing she opened her eyes and screamed into the wet darkness. And that sound was also terrifying. Without conscious thought, she waved her arms through the cold depths and sensed which way was... Continue Reading →

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