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Hot New Release – “The Liminal Hymns” by Anaïs Chartschenko

**I’ve only read a little from Anaïs Chartschenko (and, yes, I have to copy/paste her name every time), but so far I’m very impressed by her work.  So, when given the opportunity to help promote her newest creation, I jumped on … Continue reading

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ALTERNI Paperback Giveaway(s)

I’m so excited to release this book next month in time for Christmas!  BUT I’m also moving in real life, which means a lot of my book promotion needs to get set up now.  So, why not make a giveaway … Continue reading

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Review of “Strange Luck” & “The Nightmare Birds” by Amie Irene Winters PLUS Early Look at “A Darling Secret”

First, beautiful cover.  I feel like it fits the playful, whimsical, slightly mysterious tone of the story. Second, I loved the complex and unique use of memories.  It was a great way to shape the fantastical world Daisy finds herself … Continue reading

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New Book Release!

The Poet Heroic is now live on Amazon!   I really, really, really like this one.  It’s a little bit longer than The Woman of the Void and gives a bigger picture of Beathabane’s origin story.  This of course means … Continue reading

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Book Release Day!!

“The Woman of the Void” is out now!  See here for details. A big THANK YOU to everyone who has read it and left reviews already! I could not ask for a better start to my day than to wake … Continue reading

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