QA-app-icon-512From now until September 1st, I’m taking questions about The Kota Series & The Kota Shorts as well as any questions you might have about writing, reading, blogging, etc. — anything related to books and writing!

Do you want to know something more about a Kota character?  Ask!

Ever wonder how I came up with something in these stories?  Ask!

Is there a book I’ve reviewed but you want to know my opinion on something not included in my review?  Ask!

Any and all (appropriate) questions are welcome!

On September 1st, I will randomly select a question-poster to win signed paperbacks of ALL my books PLUS free signed paperbacks of all my future books!  

Comment below with questions!  I will answer all questions in a video podcast on September 1st.

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  1. My creativity waxes and wanes. Is it possible to fit that model into a blog scenario?

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