Zenith Prophecies


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Love and Hate.
Good and Evil.
Light and Dark.

The Kota of Zenith have waited centuries for the Warriors.  They’ve thrived on their beautiful, Earth-like planet, although nobles hoard wealth in the Sky while Ground commoners grow hostile.  Now, Empress Jen Mu Ril insists that Rave force the last Kota prophecy in order to bring peace to their world.  But the Warriors know what this prophecy will mean for Kynacoba.  And have the Kota learned nothing about faith in five hundred years?

Shocking them all, the Warriors’ greatest enemies are discovered on Zenith.  It’s then that Amu’s Magi mission becomes clear.  Everything they’ve fought for as the Warriors comes together in one last, desperate mission.  They must save their people and stay strong, even after one of their own is murdered.

With the help of Neema and Toel, two Zenoes with secrets of their own, the Warriors must discover what it truly means to be Kota.  Only then can they fulfill their duty and reach the promised Re-Life of peace.

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