The Ebonite and Her Earthling


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True heroes sacrifice for the benefit of others – even others most alien.

For the Kota Warriors, everything has changed.  Ebon, their new home, is a desolate planet never meant for human life.  The native Kynajabi creatures threaten the Ebonite colonists’ survival, and the ruling Council has sent their army to eradicate the beasts.  Many soldiers have died, and fear grows over the dark planet with every Kynajabi attack.

The Warriors are soon entangled in the turmoil of this new world.  The Warrior Seer becomes a god-prophet, working to guide the suffering Ebonites and veterans of the Kynajabi Eradication Effort.  The Hunter and Fighter continue to search for their missing Earth enemy, but soon an unexpected source tells them of a new mission.

And the Leader?  If Cliqani can heal her mysteriously resurrected Earthling patient, hope may return to Ebon.  But should Cliqani heal the woman only to send her to the army and her probable death?

As snow begins to fall, the army nears the Kynajabi nest.  However, Trok’s Ebonite friend holds the secret that will truly restore peace for Ebon and its inhabitants…if they will listen.

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