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Once upon a time (and with surprising frequency), dragons kidnapped helpless princesses. As the ultimate romantic gesture, heroic princes fought the dragons and saved the damsels in distress.  At least, that’s the story you’ve been led to believe, but here’s a little secret:  Sometimes the dragon saved the princess from the princes…

In the kingdom of Marshwood, everybody lives happily ever after – orphans, stepmothers, everybody. King Wesick is wise and beloved. Queen Mattea is beautiful and kind. Prince Nolan is handsome and brave, and his sister Littagale is smart and talented. But when it comes time for Princess Littagale to marry, suddenly the dragon Tor flies down from Mount Shadow, kidnaps the princess, and flies her to his dark lair.
“Oh, no! The horror! Who will save her?” cry the townspeople.
With great fanfare and the cologne of testosterone, princes from near and far arrive in Marshwood and vow to rescue the princess – in exchange for the honor of becoming her husband and inheriting the kingdom. The townspeople rejoice, place bets, and everyone waits to see who will defeat Tor and save Princess Littagale.
But what secret is Queen Mattea hiding? 

And why does Tor have a spa in his lair? 

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