VedaCoverBorderThe Woman of the Void

Sometimes you have no choice in how your life spirals out of control.
Sometimes you take control and fight back.

Raised in an isolated village, a talented girl named Vedanleé uses her gifts to draw magic from the ancient lands of her coastal home.  The Clan Eldress, the most powerful woman in the village, has a vision about the prophesied Woman of the Void – a woman destined to wield more power than anyone before.  Vedanleé is named as this woman.
Then Thurston Olander, Lord High Commander of the Dominion global tyranny, comes to the village to fulfill an old custom.  The women of the clan uncover a whole new danger, and Vedanleé must go with Thurston to ensure their safety.
Years later, Vedanleé’s power over the void has grown.  But she lives in fear, for Thurston is not what he seems.
Will she ever truly become the Woman of the Void?  Escape is her only option, but where will she ever be safe to live a life worth living?

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