Review of “Hardened Hearts”

I finished this collection the day after Valentine's Day, which was kind of perfect.  These are not your typical love stories, although "love" is the general theme connecting them.  I was very impressed with each writer, and I didn't feel like there was a weak story in the bunch.  The writing is solid.  The range... Continue Reading →

Review of “The Road to Grandeur” by Brandt Trebor

First of all, the blurb for this book doesn't do it justice.  The story is a full-out adventure in a magical world populated by every fantasy creature you'd hope to find, and there's plenty of heart and comedy thrown in. I loved all the twists the plot took in bringing together the main characters, and... Continue Reading →

Review of “Anatomy of a Darkened Heart” by Christie Stratos

This felt like a book I would've had to read in an English Literature class in college - and I mean that in a good way.  Everything about the writing and the story felt legitimately true to the period, like this was an old, classic book I'd somehow missed all these years. The writing is... Continue Reading →

Review of “Hungry Ghosts” & “Labor Day Hunt” by Calvin Demmer

  First of all, I found the cover intriguing. Secondly, short stories can be tricky.  You want enough detail to set the scene but not so much detail that you can’t get to the meat of the story.  It’s hard, in so few pages, to be drawn into whatever mood, tone, feel of the story... Continue Reading →

Review of “Sentinel Five” by James Quinn

It’s hard for a sequel to live up to a great first book in a series, but this one is excellent.  I actually think I liked this book better than the first.  Once again we follow Gorilla Grant on an assignment filled with action, treachery, suspense, and violence.  This time, I felt like the story... Continue Reading →

Review of “Murder on Moonshine Hill” by Joan C. Curtis

It wasn’t super-smart of me to read this while planning my own wedding, but I’m *fairly* certain none of this will go wrong. I’m continually impressed with this author. This story is enjoyable for both the thought that goes into characterization and the thought that goes into developing the plot. After reading the first book... Continue Reading →

Review of “A Noble’s Quest” by Ryan Toxopeus

It’s nice to see a Fantasy story where the girl gets to use a crossbow.  Eliza, for being a princess-y type, is a solid character who’s equally witty and brave as the men.  Thomas and Sarentha aren’t quite what I was expecting either.  As common lumberjacks thrown into an adventure, they of course adapt and... Continue Reading →

Review of “Portraits of Dread” by Michael J. Elliott

This collection is brilliant.  And I'm not British, so I feel the need to point out I actually mean brilliant.  Almost every single one of these stories starts out in a completely familiar, unassuming setting.  Then some weird, horrific, incredible bomb is dropped and you suddenly realize that something completely different is going on.  ... Continue Reading →

Review of “Storm Portal” & “Sand Storm” by Michael R. Stern

History class was always my favorite in school.  If my high school History teacher had been able to go INTO history like Fritz, I’d have begged to tag along.  For me, these little adventures to meet Robert E. Lee and see other points in American history were the best parts of the book.  It’s a... Continue Reading →

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