Where Have I Been?

Sometime early this year – winter, most likely, when I was stir-crazy with cabin fever – I had a very weird night of prayer.  I basically told God, “Okay, look.  I need something to happen, but something GOOD this time and not something that’s just going to be drastic and unwanted and make me spaz. ... Continue Reading →

Review of “Ashes” by Linda Laforge

Wow, I like the premise of this story. I don't want to spoil anything, but there's definitely a point of revelation that made me go, "Oh, THAT's what's going on. Cool." The sci-fi/paranormal element here is really well done and interesting, and I can't think of anything exactly like it. I really enjoyed how the... Continue Reading →

Review of “Immortal Reborn: Arianna’s Choice” by Natalie D. Wilson

First, the big picture:  The mythology of angels, fallen angels, and their Nephilim offspring used in this book is incredibly interesting and yet not overly complicated.  You quickly understand (especially if you have a Christian background, although I wouldn’t say that that’s necessary to enjoy this book) the history of this age-old struggle and get... Continue Reading →

The Kota Series Q&A – Round 1

As promised, here are my A's to your Q's. Thanks, everyone who submitted questions! Keep 'em coming for future podcasts! I tried to remain spoiler-free. These questions/answers deal with Book 1 mostly, with some hint of what is to come in the rest of the series (Books 2-4). 01/15/2014 In what way is Trok immortal?... Continue Reading →

Muppet Christmas Lessons

[This is from a few years ago, but it's still appropriate. And still a lesson I struggle with...although I hope I'm better. Anyway, 'tis the season.] I am proud of Jason Segel.  I don’t know him.  Never met him.  I know being proud of someone you’ve never met is odd, but it’s true.  He brought... Continue Reading →

Zombies, Halloween, and Death

On Inside the Actors Studio, James Lipton asks the question, “If Heaven exists, what do you hope God will say when you come to the pearly gates?”  Not that Lipton will ever interview me, but if he did I have my answer all prepped – I’ve always hoped God will smirk and be like, “That... Continue Reading →

IAI: Dark Christian Fiction – It ain’t all Sunshine and flowers

IAI: Dark Christian Fiction - It ain't all Sunshine and flowers.

Released this week!

My book is finally available! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03cMpuCKL1Y&feature=youtu.be available at Amazon  also see my Home page and The Kota Series page(s) for more.

“Single-Serving Friends”

“Sometimes you run into someone, regardless of age or sex, whom you know absolutely to be an independently operating part of the Whole that goes on all the time inside yourself, and the eye-motes go click and you hear the tribal tones of voice resonate, and there it is – you recognize them.”  -- Anne... Continue Reading →

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