Review of “The Black Swan Company” by Luna DeMasi

I'm not an automatic sucker for any vampire book, but this one won me over quickly.  I loved the focus on investigative journalism as a way to dig deeper into the conspiracies and injustices committed by the authorities in this dystopian, semi-post-apocalyptic setting.  There are also elements of paranormal romance for readers who are drawn... Continue Reading →

Alterni Book Release Day!

Yay, it's finally book launch day!  This also means my blog/Twitter/Instagram giveaways have ended, and I moments ago sent "Congrats!" notices to the winners via Twitter and Instagram. Here are the correct answers to the giveaway questions and fill-in-the-blanks: Twitter week 1: FILL IN THE BLANK: “Ooh, I like that one.” “We’re not picking a... Continue Reading →

Paperback Giveaways – ALTERNI

We're within the final week to enter the paperback giveaways for my soon-to-be-released Urban Fantasy book, Alterni!  If you've missed out on entering these contests so far, I've compiled ALL of them below.  Just click the below posts, comment with your answer (they don't even have to be the right answers!), and you're entered to... Continue Reading →

ALTERNI Cover Reveal

I'm having so much fun writing this new series with new characters, a new world, and new monsters!  Here's the brand new cover for The Alt-World Chronicles Book 1, ALTERNI.  Description:  Ever have a nightmare where you're naked in public? What if everyone else in the room was also naked…and also a version of yourself?... Continue Reading →

#AuThorsday with LE Fitzpatrick

Today I’d like to welcome LE Fitzpatrick, dystopian author of  The Running Game. Can you give us your quickest description of your books? Fast paced, paranormal/dystopian thriller.  Blade Runner meets Guy Richie. Interesting!  Do you picture that kind of movie-like direction while you’re writing scenes? I get told a lot that my books read like films,... Continue Reading →

#AuThorsday with Lisa Veldkamp

Today I’d like to welcome Lisa Veldkamp, author of the soon-to-be released paranormal novel, The Elemental - Part 1 of The Fire Trilogy.  Can you give us your quickest description of The Elemental? Sex and the City, set in London, with a supernatural twist.  And not as much sex, sorry 😉 Haha.  That’s a great description. ... Continue Reading →

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