#TopTenTuesday – Summer

I haven't done a Top Ten Tuesday in a long time.  But, seeing as this is the last Tuesday of August and I've had a pretty wonderful summer,  I thought it time to share my favorite things of Summer 2016.  It started out where I was a little stressed, a little restless, and a lot... Continue Reading →

Living on the Fringes of an Amish Community

Another part of growing up on the Haymarsh was that many of our neighbors were Amish.  I don’t know the history of how they came to settle in the area, but they definitely added a unique flavor to the community.  I respect their devotion to their way of life and faith, even if I don’t... Continue Reading →

Hunter Princess

“What was once captured through epic voyage, war, quest, in modern days is found through sport, hunting. Preparing for battle in blazing orange armor, man’s ancient blood channels Odysseus, Hector, Arthur. Sirens pose as pheasants; long-suffering Penelopes wait at home. Something primal comes off the field in a faithful beast becoming man’s best god, in... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Geography

Kathleen Norris wrote a book called Dakota about how the land where she grew up and the land where she lived had affected her spiritually – not necessarily religiously, but in her spirit. This got me thinking about the oddity of my own spiritual geography. The question I hate more than “Is that your real... Continue Reading →

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