Review of “Murder on Moonshine Hill” by Joan C. Curtis

31588463It wasn’t super-smart of me to read this while planning my own wedding, but I’m *fairly* certain none of this will go wrong.

I’m continually impressed with this author. This story is enjoyable for both the thought that goes into characterization and the thought that goes into developing the plot. After reading the first book in the series, I know the main character of Jenna pretty well, and she’s equally relatable here. The other main characters and side characters are well-portrayed and fleshed out individuals – which is exactly what you want in a who-dun-it murder mystery where you’re constantly playing detective.

I love that the story starts right out by showing you the murder scene. You know right off the bat what you’re going to be dealing with, and it gives you a jump start on trying to sort out the killer’s identity. It also keeps the slow pace of the beginning from being boring, since you know what’s coming. The setting of the wedding is isolating and colorful, and although you’re really in the same place for most of the book, there’s a lot going on. It feels like a game of Clue, but at a wedding.

My only little complaint about this book was that sometimes the dialogue feels a bit “written” and not how people would actually talk. Several times characters have to describe something that they experienced, and in these chunks their explanations are overly descriptive and not how most people would talk…although certainly how an author would write.

All in all, I really recommend this book if you want a murder-mystery from a woman’s perspective.

4.5 Stars

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Review of “e-Murderer: A Jenna Scali Mystery” by Joan C. Curtis

26206235It was a bad idea to read this book three nights in a row before trying to go to bed.  I *might* have stayed up way too late because I couldn’t put it down, which coming from me (I like my sleep) is a huge endorsement of any book.

Jenna is a wonderful heroine – strong, smart, flawed, with just enough stubbornness to get into situations she knows she shouldn’t be in.  Of course you want to yell “GO TO THE POLICE” multiple times, but why she chooses not to is always understandable, and it helps that her friends yell at her for you.

The wide cast of characters all are well-written with developed, full personas.  This works really well in a murder mystery because it gives you a wide range of possible answers for the staple “whodunnit?” question.  In the use of characters alone, this book is smart.  Although I had my guess about the murderer’s identity pretty early, there are so many nuances and twists thrown in that you have to question and re-question the possibilities.

I won’t give any of the plot away.  But, the author does a great job of building and building the tension as the danger gets closer and closer to home for Jenna.  I thought the use of emails from the killer from the very beginning gave this story a very unique, modern feel. The writing itself is smart, funny when appropriate, and doesn’t draw attention to itself but keeps you reading.  While the subject matter – murdering young women – could be a little too much for some readers, it’s certainly never overly gory or violent.

Having now read two works by this author, I can honestly say I’ll read every book she writes from now on.  So, if you like murder mysteries, you definitely want to check this one out.

5 Stars See it on Amazon!

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