#AuThorsday with A.B. Funkhauser

Today I’d like to welcome "brilliant and wacky writer" A.B. Funkhauser, author of Heuer Lost and Found. Can you give us your quickest description of your book?  I write gonzo mortuary revenge fiction with a hint of pas de deux. That’s one I’ve never heard before!  What is involved in this genre/kind of writing? Gonzo journalism... Continue Reading →

#TopTenTuesday – Memes

Top 10 Favorite Memes: 1:    Okay, yeah,  I made this.  But it's useful. 🙂 2.  For the Emo artistic soul in all of us. 3.  I giggle at this every time. 4.  It's the expression on the face. 5.  Because... Yes. 6.  It's coming... 7.  Awesome. 8.  I laugh at this way too hard... Continue Reading →

Where Have I Been?

Sometime early this year – winter, most likely, when I was stir-crazy with cabin fever – I had a very weird night of prayer.  I basically told God, “Okay, look.  I need something to happen, but something GOOD this time and not something that’s just going to be drastic and unwanted and make me spaz. ... Continue Reading →

You and You and You Complete Me

They say your 20’s are meant for finding yourself and your 30’s are for sorting out and getting comfortable with what you want in life. Personally, sitting here in my 30s, I’m finding that what I want most is good relationships with people in my life.  If you knew me in my teens, this is... Continue Reading →

Flight from Reality

I swear I will soon post something more serious, probably something where I gush about the people who've managed to put up with me this winter.  This is not that time.  We are not out of the woods yet. When I was 6, my mom thought I needed therapy because I constantly pretended I was... Continue Reading →


It’s that time of year when I typically have had it with winter anyway, but today I’ve spent most of my time eagerly anticipating the moment when the wind is going to finish tearing off my neighbor’s screen door so that it joins the blowing snow, which just doesn’t seem to want to fly down. ... Continue Reading →

Rabbit Trail Drift Off

It's that time of season when this:  leads to this: As a result, here's what happened in my mind last night as I was trying to fall asleep: This book's fun. Gosh, my bed is warm. [hears gust of wind outside] No, I'm not letting you in! What would I do as a vampire? Who'd... Continue Reading →

Muppet Christmas Lessons

[This is from a few years ago, but it's still appropriate. And still a lesson I struggle with...although I hope I'm better. Anyway, 'tis the season.] I am proud of Jason Segel.  I don’t know him.  Never met him.  I know being proud of someone you’ve never met is odd, but it’s true.  He brought... Continue Reading →

My brother’s first songs

[This Thanksgiving, my mom and I sat at the kitchen table listening to the cassette tape she’d recorded between 1985-1988 of my brother and me saying our ABC’s, singing “Jesus Loves Me,” etc.   It’s amazing to me how early our creative loves developed – I take every opportunity to tell stories; my brother wants... Continue Reading →

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