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May – Mental Health Awareness Month

This month, I’m donating all proceeds from my novella, The Poet Heroic, to the Patient Assistance Fund for Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, which is a  local facility that helps people with counseling, detox, etc.  Absolutely 100% of this … Continue reading

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Writing about Talking about Writing

Last week I went to my alma mater twice to talk about writing and Sci-Fi/Fantasy.  I also did an audio interview for a friend’s website.  So, since I did all this talking about writing, I had a lot of notes … Continue reading

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The Problem With Being Comfortable

There’s a downside to being encouraged too much as a child.  Growing up, I was always the Golden Child, although I think I was only eager to please because I found it so easy to please.  I could get by … Continue reading

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I haven’t really properly blogged in a long time, but I’ve been asked my thoughts on the whole #YesAllWomen movement, so I figured I’d write my response here.  First, a few reactionary thoughts…  I’ve read a lot of grumblings against … Continue reading

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Rabbit Trail Drift Off

It’s that time of season when this:  leads to this: As a result, here’s what happened in my mind last night as I was trying to fall asleep: This book’s fun. Gosh, my bed is warm. [hears gust of wind … Continue reading

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