Alterni Book Release Day!


Yay, it’s finally book launch day!  This also means my blog/Twitter/Instagram giveaways have ended, and I moments ago sent “Congrats!” notices to the winners via Twitter and Instagram.

Here are the correct answers to the giveaway questions and fill-in-the-blanks:

Twitter week 1:
“Ooh, I like that one.”
“We’re not picking a puppy, Hakim. Take this seriously.”

Twitter week 2:
Oh, that burns, she thought as she lowered the finished glass. Nope, this is definitely not a dream. 
Twitter week 3:
I have enough to focus on without getting a crush on an emo, underwear model monarch.
Twitter week 4:
“There are alt-worlds where a vampire is the norm? Where werewolves or fairies or whatever else are the norm?”
Twitter week 5: 
It’s like the start of a bad jokeTwo elves, a nymph, and a fairy walk into a bar…or barbecue joint, in this case.
Instagram week 1: 
Not all alternate reality versions of Esme are human.  Two alt-Esmes were from paranormal races.  What do you think these paranormals were? Vampire and Fairy
Instagram week 2:
It’s like an average day. Oh, sure, vampires are real here. And I’ll be fighting monsters, learning magic, and working with an ancient Order ruled by Kansas City’s chief of police. But first, don’t forget to put baking soda in the fridge!
Instagram week 3:
Who does Owen say this to?  Esme
Instagram week 4:
“Must you be insulting? You know full well my alt-world ancestor was jinn, not fairy.”
Instagram week 5: 
Which monster would you least like to fight? Any monster was an option!


Thanks to everyone who played!


Alterni is now available on

Amazon Kindle Unlimited

and in



Click the picture for the blurb, a sneak peek, and more!

Alterni Cover FRONT


Paperback Giveaways – ALTERNI

We’re within the final week to enter the paperback giveaways for my soon-to-be-released Urban Fantasy book, Alterni!  If you’ve missed out on entering these contests so far, I’ve compiled ALL of them below.  Just click the below posts, comment with your answer (they don’t even have to be the right answers!), and you’re entered to win 1 of 10 paperbacks that I’ll give away on 12/12/2017. 

Twitter Contests: 

Instagram Contests:


Enter as many contests as you want to increase your chances to win!  

ALTERNI Paperback Giveaway(s)


I’m so excited to release this book next month in time for Christmas!  BUT I’m also moving in real life, which means a lot of my book promotion needs to get set up now.  So, why not make a giveaway that runs until the book release?  That way, you all can help  me spread the word about my book, and we can have a little fun in the meantime.

GIVEAWAY #1:  Everyone who shares this post – whether on Twitter or Facebook or wherever – will be entered for a chance to win a FREE PAPERBACK OF ALTERNI that I’ll send to one lucky winner, chosen on 12/12/17.   All you have to do to enter is click one of the share icons below and be sure to include @kynacoba in your message so I get a notification.  (If you forget that step, just comment on this post.)

GIVEAWAY #2 and #3:  I’ll also be playing ALTERNI-related games on my Twitter and Instagram accounts every Tuesday from now until 12/12/17, so make sure you follow me there so you see those games for more chances to win ALTERNI paperbacks. 



GIVEAWAY #4:  The wonderful people on my mailing list have an exclusive chance to win a paperback by entering a giveaway there.  AND, that mailing list receives the first chapter of ALTERNI to read for free in the Somerville Series Samplers!


I hope you like free books, because I’m giving away at least 4 with the above giveaways.  (I like free stuff.  Do you like free stuff?  We should be friends.)

Or, if you can’t wait, I’ve made ALTERNI available for pre-order — at $0.99 for a limited time. 


Alterni Cover FRONT

Ever have a nightmare where you’re naked in public? What if everyone else in the room was also naked…and also a version of yourself? That’s the reality Esme Kuchis finds herself in, and soon things get even weirder.
She’s not in her Kansas City anymore. This alternate world is home to an ancient, secret Order with a king, conjuri magicians, cavali fighters, and dozens of paranormal races. And the purpose of this magical Order? They protect an unsuspecting public from malevolenci, demonic beasts from otherworldly rifts.
As an alterni summoned to this world, Esme must partner with the king and fight using magic only an alterni can wield. Unfortunately, the model-perfect King Owen is broken by grief and guilt, the Order has little faith in her, and the malevolenci are worse than ever.
Eight alt-Esmes preceded her. Eight lost their lives. Can Esme use her unique gifts to master this world’s magic? If she can’t, the consequences might be more devastating than Owen is willing to say.

Share, follow, and join for your chance to win!

Dystopian IF Giveaway

Quick note today:

For anyone looking to snatch up some free books, here’s a giveaway I’m participating in on Instafreebie.  I’m definitely going to check out some of these myself!


Click Here to see a list of books and how to get ’em!

Raffle for a prize of 50+ eBooks!!

Hey, readers!

There are only 11 days left to enter the raffle for my Book Charity Event for Mental Health Awareness Month.  The prize is an awesome collection of 50+ eBooks from various donating authors, so why not enter?

Here’s the link:

Book Charity Event Raffle Pic

Why I’m doing a #BookGiveaway (Psst. There are actually 2)

free-booksHere’s something the average reader may not know:  Most authors at some point think making our ebooks free seems like a good idea.  Once it’s free, we see a spike of downloads — “Look at my ranking! This is amazing!” …And then we don’t see much after that.  But we keep trying, because it’s a good way to get our books “out there” and maybe build up our audience.  And, quite frankly, everyone else is doing it so we feel like we have to or else we’ll get lost in the shuffle.

Unfortunately, ebook consumers are “trained” to look for freebies — “why pay $0.99 for a book that might be a dud when I can get this other one for free?”  But a lot of free ebooks get lost to the sad end of a rotating Kindle carousel, never to be looked at again.  Admit it, we all have them (I’m including myself here).

People love free stuff, but this devalues the product in more ways than one.  When something’s free, in a way it becomes just more stuff tossed into the mental “oh, I’ll get to that at some point” pile because we don’t have much invested in its existence.  I think that’s why authors can get 10,000 downloads but maybe only see 1-2 reviews as a result — “it wasn’t any work to get the book, so why do the work of giving this free thing any praise?”  

Some authors I know DO have success with giving it away for free.  But, if we’re being honest, it’s not the majority of us.  And by constantly making ebooks free, I think we’re hurting all of us. People already have an under-appreciation for artistic work (I know several musicians and painters who’d also agree with me on this), and making our art free because it’s expected just feels…wrong.  I can’t tell you how many times someone has asked, “Oh, can I have a copy of your book?” and expected it for free.  It’s a little insulting and soul-crushing to be told your hours of work, sweat, and eye-strain aren’t even worth $0.99.  I would hope, however, that if anyone really stopped and thought about it they would agree that our little artist hearts deserve some monetary compensation.

I’m not saying we should all make our ebooks $9.99.  I’m certainly not saying free ebooks aren’t just as good as $$ ebooks.  But I have a lot of respect for authors who place their books at X-amount of dollars and say, “You know what, I worked hard on this.  I promise it’s worth your money.  I humbly ask that you please respect my value as an artist and give me what this is worth.”  

Anyway, when my books are ever free anymore,
I will be giving them away.

I like actually connecting with people, connecting with readers.  I like the idea that I can occasionally show my appreciation to my loyal friends/family/fans/readers by offering free book gifts.  Even if that means only reaching 4-10 people at a time instead of 10,000+, I know my chances of connection are better this way and I don’t feel like I’m selling out or caving to the pressure of the established system.  It’s very freeing, which is after all what being an Indie is all about. 🙂

So.  Now that I have released my first short story “The Woman of the Void,” I’d like to give away some paperbacks.  They all come pre-signed with my signature, so hopefully you like that personal touch.

If you’d like to follow me on Twitter (or if you already are), you can use this link to enter the Amazon Giveaway I just started.  CLICK FOR CHANCE TO WIN!

If you’re on Goodreads, you can enter the Giveaway on the book’s page here.  CLICK FOR CHANCE TO WIN!

I’ll be running more giveaways in the future, so stay tuned.  I really do appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my books, and for ANY book you read, know that that author would love to hear from you.

Attention, Book Lovers!!

This Sunday, April 12th, I’ll be part of the worldwide “Get Down With The #Awethors Event” on Facebook here and also on Twitter following that hashtag.

We’re a group of authors who will be hosting discussions, giveaways, sneak peeks, and much more.  There are authors from many, many genres, so there’s sure to be something for every book lover.  All you have to do is turn up, chat with the authors, and win books!  

I myself will be giving away The Kota Series in paperback form (1 prize) and ebooks of Book 1 (4 prizes).  Also, ebooks of Books 2-4 will be free all day, so stop by and grab those as a bonus gift!

I’ve had the pleasure of reading a few of these authors already, such as D.M. Cain (one of the masterminds behind the event), Rebecca McCray, Brittany Willows, and Isaac Jourden.  I already know their books are great, so be sure to check them out, plus scores of others I’m hoping to read soon.

Here’s a little more info in the video below.  Hope to talk to you on Sunday!

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