2018 down, 2019 to go

Where have I been?!

As some of you know (and anyone following my Instagram) I birthed a human this summer. 2017 left me kind of burned out in the “author life” department, so I purposely did next to nothing book-related in 2018.

BUT, I genuinely do miss this side of my life and plan to jump back in for 2019. I don’t foresee being able to sit with my laptop for 8 hours at a time, so I expect I’ll finally put to use all the notebooks I have tucked away – scribbling a note here, maybe scraping out a paragraph there. And, yes, the voices in my head have never quieted, so I’ve got material!

Idea/plan/goal #1: The long-promised Kota Companion Story about the discovery of Ebon. This might be longer than the other novellas. The feel of this one is…Think Prometheus without the plot holes + Sphere without the water. There will be science and exploring and alien creatures and resurrection and plenty of creepiness.

Idea/plan/goal #2: Another children’s fairy tale. It won’t be directly related to A Fairly Fairy Tale per se, but expect to see what became of Beauty the Black. Again, I’ll aim for adult humor sprinkled in with plenty of twists on fairy tale tropes – Ribbit the frog prince has kissing consent issues, for example.

Idea/plan/goal #3: A spinoff/4th book in The Alt-World Chronicles. That’s right, there’s more! The first 3 books will stand alone as a trilogy just fine, but I’m continuing the series with a new trilogy following Piper and Max as they hunt for assassins in the alt-worlds.

So that’s what I’ll be working on in my limited spare time! I’ll also get back to posting monthly videos with updates and book recommendations, plus I’ll do giveaways (MISS YOU, my newsletter peeps).

Have a great New Year’s Eve! I plan to be in bed by 10:00 pm. 😜

Newest little reader already into comics!

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