Review of “Pacific Cove: Haunted Visions” by J.E. Grace

31448547I enjoyed this short story very much.  Naomi is a sweet, kind, likable character.  Her husband, Jason, maybe is a little less developed but serves his purpose as a supportive presence in Naomi’s life.  Their ranch neighbors add a nice, wider range of characters to the story.   The setting of the ranch and the little town is beautifully described, and it all had a very homey feel.

Most of the story focuses on Naomi’s internal struggles with death, loss, and coping.  I thought the author had a very honest approach to the topic, especially with Naomi openly needing to take medication, and it felt very realistic.  How the author represented Naomi’s struggle made you really hope Naomi was going to be okay.

Then there is the ghost story element to the story.  It added a different spin to an otherwise western-romance-feeling book.   The parts where the ominous ghost confronted Naomi were suspenseful without being overly horrific.  The parts with the other ghost trying to get Naomi’s attention were equally suspenseful and added some mystery to the story.  (Not to give too much away.)  I liked how the author used all this to push Naomi to the edge but then showed her inner strength as she bravely tried to figure it all out.

Overall, this book was very nice.  It would be fine for a younger audience, but there’s enough here to keep an adult’s attention for the short time it takes to read it.  The writing felt like it could have been crafted a little bit better (a LOT of sentences started with “She”) with more variety in sentence structure to make a more pleasurable read, but the descriptions and dialogue were quite nice.

4 Stars

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