It’s July! …Er August

Okay, so it appears I haven’t done bupkis for like a month now.  That’s partly true in Author Life but not at all true in Real Life.  So forgive me.

I moved!  Here’s my new office space:


I have been reading lots of new, good books!  However, most aren’t released yet, so stay tuned for those reviews.  It’s a wonderful privilege to be asked by authors to read their work before the book is available to the wider public, and I’ve enjoyed being on the “reader” end of Author Life immensely.

And I DO mean to get writing again soon… Really, I do.  Maybe once boxes are unpacked.  😉


About Sunshine Somerville

I'm the author of "The Kota Series" and "A Fairly Fairy Tale. Originally from the beach side of Michigan, I work as a medical transcriptionist from home. When not staring into a computer screen, I enjoy reading, painting, and being outdoors.
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