Review of “The Amber Project” By J.N. Chaney

28497458I love dystopian sci-fi novels packed with world-building and detail, and this book is a great example of such. It’s a little bit “Divergent,” a bit “Ender’s Game,” but there’s a lot here that is completely original. The writing is wonderful. The dialogue is sharp and sounds good in your ear. The descriptions pop images in your head. The suspenseful pacing builds with something new showing up right when it needs to – I was never bored.
I really liked how the book goes back and forth between the kids and the adults. A lot of dystopian YA can focus so much on the teens that the adults just become bland or else always the “bad guys.” But this story has a diverse range of personalities and intrigue involved in every circle.
I listened to the audiobook version, and I gotta say the narrator was a bit over-dramatic for me, like he was trying to sound like the movie trailer voice we all know. But, the subtly different voices used for the characters were helpful, and I let the over-dramatic inflection go most of the time.
Definitely give this one a read (or a listen) if you like your sci-fi to be well-written and introspective on human nature. The twist/cliffhanger at the end definitely has me interested in reading the next book.

4 Stars

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