Review of “A Whisper In The Shadows” by Tom Fallwell

25341640What a great adventure!  This is like Robin Hood meets Lord of the Rings but with an equally interesting female character present. Baric is immediately likeable, strong, brave, noble – everything the typical Fantasy hero is supposed to be.  Whisper is complicated, exotic, and from a whole race that is mixed up in prejudice and unique skill.  They make a good team, and inevitably the resulting romantic connection makes complete sense, not forced.

This world, its geography, and the various races/peoples’ histories was really well done.  You can feel the author’s love of Tolkien in the writing, but nothing feels directly copied – there are a lot of original ideas here.  The frightening beasts and ultimate bad guy/demon add a lot of tension and danger to this journey tale.  The friends met along the way are nice additions to the cast of characters, and each minor character is fleshed out and interesting on their own.

I won’t spoil much about the “prophetic dreams” element to this story except to say that it’s significant and important to the overall plot, and wanting to find out what the dreams meant for Whisper was something that kept me turning pages.  The mysterious artifact they discover is another great twist that adds another dimension of risk to the story.  All things combined this really was a unique, wonderful story.

If you like Fantasy with adventure and battles and a supernatural side, definitely give this one a read.

5 Stars See it on Amazon!

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