Review of “A Neophyte’s Tale” & “Cloak of Shadows” by CK Dawn

Since the short story/prequel is so short, I thought it best to write these reviews together.  You can read one without the other, but it certainly helps to read A Neophyte’s Tale first so you understand Abbey’s backstory. 


What a nice little teaser for the bigger story to come!  I was immediately sympathetic for Abbey, the writing is wonderful, and then at the end there’s this HUGE hint that something way bigger and cooler and creepier is going on.

I literally finished this and then opened up the next book because I wanted to know more.

5 Stars
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23172312 This book is a lot of fun and exactly the kind of thing I would have loved to read as a teen.  Not only are the two main characters super-cool, tough girls, but the entire concept of the story is creepy and interesting.

The mythology of this story plays with a twist on the classic Arthurian legend.  There’s definitely a supernatural element with otherworldly monsters.  It’s a great idea on the author’s part to tie this all together in a modern setting, where hunters are carrying on the glorious tradition of protecting the world from creatures the rest of us can’t see.

Abbey and Lourdie’s relationship was my favorite element of the story. Their sister-like bond feels genuine, and they each have great personalities that together create a pairing that is hard not to like.  All of the secondary characters are pretty great too, including of course the love interest(s).

Also, Lourdie’s ongoing struggle with whatever is happening to her and her abilities adds a mysterious element to the story, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

The writing in both the short story and this full-length book is great. It’s accessible for young readers but not boring for older readers.  There’s a nice balance of dark tension and light humor.  Definitely worth a read.

5 Stars
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