New Book Release!

The Poet Heroic is now live on Amazon!  

I really, really, really like this one.  It’s a little bit longer than The Woman of the Void and gives a bigger picture of Beathabane’s origin story.  This of course means that, as a Kota Short, it ties into The Kota: Book 1, but it also can be read on its own.

See more info on Amazon:



About Sunshine Somerville

I'm the author of "The Kota Series" and live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I work as a medical transcriptionist from home. When not staring into a computer screen, I enjoy reading, painting, and being outdoors.
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One Response to New Book Release!

  1. Penny Clemence says:

    You have done it again. I want more stories and soon! Will Vale find his mother and rescue his sister? Yeah, I know because I’ve read the series but love these short stories for all the inside details!


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