#AuThorsday with William Lloyd

61VnhSSGqGL._UX250_Today I’d like to welcome William Lloyd, author of the soon-to-be re-released, Horizon.

Can you give us your quickest description of your books?

I am currently pulling together a series of books that are being written in five separate trilogies, but a dimensional overlap sends all of the worlds into one dimension.  This leads to a war of the worlds and survival of the fittest.  Science Fiction/Fantasy/Romance/Psychological

Sounds ambitious!  So is that what you’re working on currently?

I am currently working on my novel Horizon which is the start of the Amniwar Trilogy.  I’m also doing multiple segments on my blog called “Interview with the Awethors” where I discuss their interests in their personal life, as well as, feedback about their current novels.

Authors interviewing authors is so much fun. (wink.)  So what is your favorite scene you’ve written?  

My favorite scene would have to be an interrogation I wrote between a lawyer and a CIA operative that sends the message of corruption within the government.

What is one bit of advice you’d like to share with writers?

Throughout my life, I have always followed the norm.  I never attempted to break out of my comfort zone because I wanted to please the eyes of my family and friends.  I have learned recently that if you want to make it and survive, you have to break from that.  You have to take that idea you have and make it different.  Every time you ask someone else a question about what you are planning to do or what you want to do, it should ultimately come down to what’s in your heart no matter what the answer is from the person you’re asking.  Every time someone tells you not to do something with your writing, do it anyways because different is the key to success.  Stay out of the norm.

Great advice.  What is one question about your books that you wish more people would ask?

Why is Aaron Lambright so harsh and selfish around other people?

Who inspires you to write?

My inspiration to write came from a teacher in college that read one of my creative essays.  She wanted to read more about the world I was building in my head and she even bought me my first notebook to jot down my dreams.  Ms. Henton was probably the one person that actually broke me from pursuing where the money is to pursuing a career that I love.

That’s great – and exactly the kind of teacher everyone wants to have.  In a perfect world where you could cast your book for a movie, who would you pick for your main characters?

Australia and Alaska would be perfect for Horizon because those are the two places it’s set, as well as in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  I think for Abigail I’d want Jennifer Aniston because I have a super crush on her and I would love to see her play Aaron’s girlfriend.  For Aaron, probably Gerard Butler because he just has that knack to portray an asshole very well.  haha!

Ha!  Agreed.  When you get stuck in your writing, how do you make yourself keep going?

If I get stuck in my writing, I will usually start playing video games or watch The Hobbit.  Sometimes being able to play or see actions played out on screen help my creative juices to flow again, or I simply just start doing a #Writestorm.

I’m the same way with visual inspiration.  Do you use your personal experiences in your writing?

In Horizon, I actually did use a personal experience in my life.  Aaron was actually a portrayal of me after I had a failed relationship back in 2008.  I started it out where Aaron was a happy character because at the time the person I was with made me extremely happy.  After we broke up, my heart was torn from me and I turned into this barbaric alcoholic who had no care for anyone.  I drank till I couldn’t keep my eyes open and I threatened God that I was going to kill myself multiple times.  It was a very dark period that I was not proud of that led to alcoholism and taking drugs to numb the pain.

I write a lot about this through metaphors such as the trashiness of Aaron’s boat and the neglect he shows towards Abigail throughout the book.  It was a really sad part of my life that truly hurt to my inner core, but I learned something from it and now I am back on my feet again.

Wow, that’s a VERY personal experience to incorporate in your writing.  I commend you for finding a way to use it positively.  Now, is there anything you’ve read that made you jealous you didn’t think of it first?

Well, I used to pound my head against a desk every time I thought about Deep Blue Sea and God of War. I would not say I’ve been jealous because of someone else’s writing.  I am more jealous of the movies that I wish I could’ve written a book out of.  There are also a ton of video games that I wished I could have written into books because their storylines are just epically compelling.

Thank you, William, for sharing!

WHERE TO FIND William Lloyd:
Website — www.williamlloydjr.wordpress.com
(Also where you can keep updated on his blog’s “Interview with the Awethors”)
Amazon Page – Horizon (Stay tuned for the re-release of the book!)
Facebook  — William Lloyd
Twitter — @jrghost14

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