#TheFourFriday – Beathabane

Every Friday, I’m posting something about how the real life “The Four” overlap with the fictional four Kota Warriors.
As some of you know, The Kota Series is based on what “The Four” (myself, my brother, and our childhood best friends Kaly and Luke) played as kids.  Each of us is represented by one of the four Kota Warriors (Bullseye, Rave, Tigris, Whitewolf).  So, I’ll be sharing personal quirks that carried over into fiction, fun/weird stories we played as kids, our childhood drawings, pictures related to The Four and The Kota, etc.
Should be fun, and it’ll give you an idea of how weird or little minds were as we created this story that, years later, turned into my book series.  🙂

This week, Beathabane.
I remember being really interested in twins when I was little. (Confession: I might not have grown out of this.)  The idea of “good twin” and “bad twin” obviously stuck as far as Cruelthor and Beathabane are concerned.  I’m pretty sure my brother helped me develop Beathabane’s character, although I’m totally to blame for this character drawing:


Yeah… He’s undergone a bit of modification over the years.  Name changed.  Shrunk him.  Changed nationality.  And good lord, why did we think 24 was old?

Sometimes I’m asked who my favorite character is.  Everyone naturally assumes Bullseye – and that’s partly true – but I’ve always really liked Beathabane.  And, since not a lot of his story gets told in the main series (he has an appearance in The Kota and then [spoilers] 😉 ) I decided early on that he would be the main character in one of the Kota Shorts.

So, now that’s happening.  It’s still a work in progress, but I like it already.  The Poet Heroic will be released on Christmas and is available for pre-order on Amazon now.

Poet Heroic Cover Front

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