#TheFourFriday – Collaboration

Every Friday, I’m posting something about how the real life “The Four” overlap with the fictional four Kota Warriors.
As some of you know, The Kota Series is based on what “The Four” (myself, my brother, and our childhood best friends Kaly and Luke) played as kids.  Each of us is represented by one of the four Kota Warriors (Bullseye, Rave, Tigris, Whitewolf).  So, I’ll be sharing personal quirks that carried over into fiction, fun/weird stories we played as kids, our childhood drawings, pictures related to The Four and The Kota, etc.
Should be fun, and it’ll give you an idea of how weird or little minds were as we created this story that, years later, turned into my book series.  🙂

This week, Collaboration.
Kaly and Luke contributed in many ways, but the more…obsessive, perfectionist creative tendencies definitely lie with my brother and myself.  And we’re both rather stubborn.  And we both tend to think we’re right.  Which, when working together on a creative project, can result in arguing and disagreeing to the point that other people feel the need to leave the room.

But we DO see eye to eye from time to time.  And usually the end result works out, with each of our creative flavors thrown in.

Enter current Kota project: A video trailer with “Trok” narrating the basic outline for The Kota: Book 1.   For this project we also enlisted the help of our father, which added a whole new dimension…especially when he had a beer beforehand (“9.5%!”).   It helps that I knew what I wanted for the video and did it myself, and I have no idea what I’m doing with audio and so am leaving that entirely (ha, we’ll see) to Christian.

Fingers crossed, people.

Check out a behind the scenes look here.

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