#AuThorsday with Tom Fallwell

TomFallwellToday I’d like to welcome Tom Fallwell, Fantasy author of A Whisper In The Shadows: Rangers of Laerean

Tom, can you give us your quickest description of your books?

I can sum up all that I write with this phrase, “Heroic, fantasy adventure on an epic scale.”  I feel my stories relate not just heroes, but larger than life heroes. Those whom everyone looks to in great times of need.

Sounds like exactly my kind of thing.  About how many main characters do you use?  And are they humans, or do you use fantasy peoples like elves, etc.? 

In Rangers of Laerean, I deal with several characters that I would consider main characters.  While most are human, I do have some non-human characters as well.  I created my own races for the series, though there are some similarities with dwarves and elves for a couple of them.  The Zumarians are a lion-like, humanoid race, unlike the other races.  I have characters from all races involved in the story that is being told in the series.

What are you working on currently?

I am currently in the finishing stages of the next book in the Rangers of Laerean series, Where Shadows Fall, which continues the story started in A Whisper In The Shadows. There will be a third book to complete the story, and that trilogy is just a kick-off for the series as a whole.

Interesting.  So are you going to finish this trilogy and then take a break for a while?  Or are you launching right into the rest of the series, and any idea how many books that will be total?

I will probably take a bit of a break from the series once the trilogy is complete, but by no means will I abandon it.  I may tell some stories in the past, prior to the current story, or take one or two of the main characters and center a story around them alone.  Who knows?  I have no idea how far I will go, but I have some minor plans in mind for future books.  I am considering trying my hand on a different genre later, perhaps sci-fi.  I have plenty of ideas.

What is one question about your books that you wish more people would ask?

How about, “When is the next book coming out?” 🙂

Haha.  Nice.  So… When is the next book coming out?

Where Shadows Fall should be released before the end of the year.  I am hoping for a late November or early December release.  I hope to have a cover reveal in November.

Who inspires you to write?

Many friends encourage me, but it is the great fantasy writers that created entire, fantastic worlds for their stories that inspire me the most.  Of those, I find I’m most inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien.  I want to spin tales as memorable and as fun to read as he has done.

I think for anyone who’s into Fantasy, Tolkien is probably seen at King.  You mentioned that your book is “on an epic scale,” so do you do as much world-building richness as Tolkien? 

I can’t compare myself to Tolkien, though I aspire to reach that level of achievement.  I continue to keep adding to my lore and history of the Lands of Hir, which is the setting for the Rangers of Laerean series.  I have quite a bit developed and have posted some of that history and lore on my website, in the Ranger Archives [See here].  I will be adding more to it as the books are written.

Do you use your personal experiences in your writing?

While I don’t specifically look to my own experiences for something to write, I know that my personal experiences and views are reflected in my writing and I would have it no other way.  I believe the best writing comes from an author in that way.  The emotion and passion of the author make the characters come to life, and the story to breathe with a life of its own.

I completely agree.  Do you see your own values and views reflected in those of your characters, or more your overall message in the story?

Absolutely. The main character, Baric, is all that I would be if I could.  I am certain my own moral values are his as well.  My messages, in all my novels, I think, deal with the fact that there is always hope.  Hope never fades for me personally.  Hope, for me, is eternal.  Faith, hope and love, these three, to quote my most favorite book of all time. 🙂

Thank you, Tom, for sharing!

TomBook1Where to find Tom and his books:
Website: tomfallwell.com
Goodreads:  Tom Fallwell
Amazon Page: Tom Fallwell 
Facebook: Tom Fallwell Author
Twitter: @RhemaTom 

Tom is hosting a Facebook “Meet the Authors: in Character” event, December 1-10, with over 30 authors!
Check it out here!

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