Top 10 Favorite Things About Fall:

1:   Halloween.  People who don’t like Halloween make me sad.  Who doesn’t like goofing off and getting to have the imagination of a kid again?  And as a creative, author-y type, it’s wonderful to see everyone joining in on how my mind functions most of the time anyway.  I’m not actually a huge candy person.  But I do love a good spooking.
2:   Cider.  I grew up in an area known for apple orchards.  There’s still something homey about making cider or drinking the local cider…although adult-me now usually adds rum.
3:   TV.  Because I’m too busy in the summer to watch much TV, I usually save up on any show that sounds interesting and then binge on all of it once Fall and a slower pace of daily life rolls in.  All I want to do most nights is curl up and lose myself in a good show.
4:   Bugs dying.  I also grew up in an area that grows mosquitoes by the millions.  Not having to swat at my skin when outside is a huge plus of Fall.
5:   Layering clothes.  I’m honestly more of a bare feet, jeans, and tank top kind of girl, but if I have to wear more clothes, I do like layering, usually with a flannel (I am a teen of the 90s, after all).  It’s a nice change with Fall weather to feel like you can be comfy but not TOO bundled yet.
6:   Leaves changing.  It’s absolutely gorgeous in Michigan in the Fall.  We might not have the best roads, but the trees all along those roads almost make up for it once hues of orange, red, purple, etc. start to take over.
7:  Ichabod, by New Holland Brewing.  Of all the oktoberfest beers, pumpkin beers, pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING everywhere you try to buy something — Ichabod is by far my favorite.  This is the one thing that always “starts” Fall for me.  When Ichabod is finally on the shelves, I accept that summer is over.
8:  Bonfires  Summer bonfires still risk swarms of mosquitos, and usually they just make me hot.  But Fall bonfires are a time I can indulge my love of fire and not be uncomfortable.  A little nip in the air is a nice thing, and a good bonfire is one of my favorite ways to spend an evening with a circle of friends.
9:   School resuming.  Nothing against children, but it’s nice when they’re not loud and running up and down the street every day anymore.  And college resuming means I get to watch sports and see theatre productions again.
10: Pumpkin carving.  I like scooping out and getting into the squishy, icky bits.  I’m a horror with knives and need supervision, but I love carving weird faces.  Plus, again, fire.


Anybody have their own list?   Comment below!

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