Review of “Red-Line: The Shift” by J.T. Bishop

23736176This is the first book I’ve grabbed off of Kindle Unlimited.  So far, I’m 1 for 1.  I purposefully didn’t read anything about this book other than seeing that it’s in the Sci-Fi genre, so that made the intrigue of the book that much more mysterious for me.  The writing itself does a great job of slowly explaining what is going on with Sarah, and what Ramsey knows is revealed bit by bit so that you keep curiously reading.

There’s no getting around that this book is really, really slow.  Almost all of it takes place in one setting, and the “main character” is literally asleep most of the time.  But, like I said, it works because half the fun of this book is slowly uncovering what is going on, so by using other characters to discussion events and speculate on the future, the reader gets a deep appreciation for the many angles involved in the story.  And when there IS action it’s really, really cool.  Something about the story reminded me of “Orphan Black,” maybe the tone and the just-barely-noticeable Sci-Fi vibe.

Sarah herself, while being the main focus of the story, isn’t nearly as developed as the other characters helping her through her Shift.  Ramsey is very multidimensional, and I liked the use of Declan as his stepbrother – this added a lot of backstory and also internal tension for Ramsey.  Hannah and Leroy, as the others in the house, are also really well done and add to the story in their own ways.  And the bad guys?  I can’t wait to see more of this group in future books.  They barely show up in this book, but when they do they’re creepy, powerful, secretive, and likely to have an even more sinister boss.

I’d definitely recommend this for anyone who likes light Sci-Fi (even if these people are aliens, it doesn’t feel like they’re that off from humans) with a romantic, emotional/personal element.

4 Stars

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