Attention, Book Lovers!!

This Sunday, April 12th, I’ll be part of the worldwide “Get Down With The #Awethors Event” on Facebook here and also on Twitter following that hashtag.

We’re a group of authors who will be hosting discussions, giveaways, sneak peeks, and much more.  There are authors from many, many genres, so there’s sure to be something for every book lover.  All you have to do is turn up, chat with the authors, and win books!  

I myself will be giving away The Kota Series in paperback form (1 prize) and ebooks of Book 1 (4 prizes).  Also, ebooks of Books 2-4 will be free all day, so stop by and grab those as a bonus gift!

I’ve had the pleasure of reading a few of these authors already, such as D.M. Cain (one of the masterminds behind the event), Rebecca McCray, Brittany Willows, and Isaac Jourden.  I already know their books are great, so be sure to check them out, plus scores of others I’m hoping to read soon.

Here’s a little more info in the video below.  Hope to talk to you on Sunday!


About Sunshine Somerville

I'm the author of "The Kota Series" and "A Fairly Fairy Tale. Originally from the beach side of Michigan, I work as a medical transcriptionist from home. When not staring into a computer screen, I enjoy reading, painting, and being outdoors.
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