Review of “The Everyday Mom’s Guide to Being Fit & Fabulous” by Shondreka Palmer

shondreka“The Everyday Guide” is a perfect description for this book. Shondreka Palmer offers a day-by-day exercise guide that is completely doable and simple enough for everyone to tackle. It’s very easy for women to fall into the trap of being overwhelmed with an exercise regimen so that we often give up, and I was glad to see that Palmer right from the start explains that she herself is a busy mom who found that this plan works for her. Her personal experience – and HELLO picture on the cover – adds to her credibility that she’s worth listening to.

I was also pleased to see that she stresses the importance of an overall healthy lifestyle approach to losing weight. At the beginning of the book, she sets up this overall mindset and leaves wiggle room when it comes to days off, dietary options, etc. She also stresses knowing what your body can handle medically, which is good in comparison to so many dietary plans out there that medically are a bit sketchy. This is a MOM talking, and healthy living is her goal for everyone. All she’s doing is offering what has worked for her.

Once you get into the day-by-day exercise guide, it’s very simple to follow. It was nice to see that she switches it up and uses a variety of exercises, but at the same time many of the exercises become familiar as you rotate every day. The descriptions of how to do the exercises were very clear, and pictures for some of the trickier exercises really help illustrate what your body is supposed to be doing.

She also throws in a lot of personal encouragement along the way, and the “resting days” are also included as you flip the pages and progress, so you can keep a bookmark and use this much like a kind of calendar.

Overall, I’d say this is a great exercise guide for any woman (mom or not) who is looking for a simple workout program that you can fit in every day without being overwhelmed.

5 StarsSee it on Amazon!

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