Review of “Ashes” by Linda Laforge

19134358Wow, I like the premise of this story. I don’t want to spoil anything, but there’s definitely a point of revelation that made me go, “Oh, THAT’s what’s going on. Cool.” The sci-fi/paranormal element here is really well done and interesting, and I can’t think of anything exactly like it. I really enjoyed how the story unfolds so that there’s a bit of mystery involved too. And the spiritual/religious significance of what’s going on here is really unique (creepy, but unique and fun).

The plot rolls along and keeps you interested as Emily becomes more and more caught up in the oddities surrounding Dr. Norrell’s research. It feels like a familiar, “everyday” world and setting until the weirdness kicks in, and it’s easy to relate to Emily and her companions as they try to make sense of what’s happening with her pregnancy and the weird things she starts seeing and can’t quite explain. Emily herself is very much an average woman, but by the end she is definitely the one with an insider’s view into what’s really going on. Dr. Norrell is an interesting character who’s quite mysterious in his true methods and motives, and I’m sure there’s more to be known about him than what we’re told here. Once you learn what’s really going on, the deeper significance of events becomes really, really interesting and spins the story in a new direction.

It’s a small cast of characters, and we don’t get to know them really well, but that’s partly due to the shortness of the story. The book could benefit from some quick proofreading/editing, but it’s pretty well done and a quick read. (I plowed through this in two sittings.)

I’m definitely curious where the story will go next. The ending suggests that this is only the beginning, and – now that the world and its peoples have very much changed – I’m sure the next step forward will be even more interesting.

4 Stars See it on Amazon!

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