The Kota Series Q&A – Round 1

As promised, here are my A’s to your Q’s.
Thanks, everyone who submitted questions! Keep ’em coming for future podcasts!

I tried to remain spoiler-free. These questions/answers deal with Book 1 mostly, with some hint of what is to come in the rest of the series (Books 2-4).

In what way is Trok immortal?
What is Trok’s role going forward?
Why does Trok become like a narrator?

Who’s my favorite character?
Most important question no one asks?
Why do Bullseye and Tigris have greater powers than Rave and Whitewolf?
Does Abduction possession = a death sentence?
Have we seen all the Kota prophecies?

How do I come up with world-building?
What is the dark Christian Sci-Fi in the Kota?
Do you have to read the books in order?
Wild prediction about Malice.
Show Kota tattoo?

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