Where I’ve been

So, yeah, I haven’t blogged in a while.  Here’s why.

A few months ago (…er… gosh, was it April?), I decided I needed to not blog and instead focus on finishing my book.  I channeled all my writing energies there so as not to get distracted here.  Now that the book is going to be released in a few weeks, I’m picking things back up here.  (And of course I’ll make an announcement when the book is out!)

Also, Pinterest took over my life.  If I’m not writing, my creative juices flow elsewhere, and usually this means I get artsy/paint-sy.  Hence, all this happened:

Sunny Kitchen Barn Art Book Page Painting

And because I can’t escape loving words, I did some lazy writing (i.e. found poetry):

0715131512I heard the music rising softly to the air,
it’s melody, to me,
bliss from some other time deeply felt.
It was a pure joy.
I outstretched in memory
precious and expansive,
Music gay and wild,
but as time passed,
more a whisper
or laughter
without enthusiasm.

0715131512cBe very careful
with such tricks to control, or starve with silence, and pretend not to hear me.
I will hate you for that.
Like hell, I make fire in my hand splendid and vigorous
with full, rosy cheeks and a beautiful soft mouth.
Kiss me,
and the little fire as we drew closer
came into a storm
sharp with blankets.
I sob
for the very first time
a cuddly thing, a human being.
You kiss in the wind, damned fiend,
and your eyes, soft with a plea, vanish tears.

So anyway, expect me back to regular blogging soon…after the book release.

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